3D ROOTS teeth replicas are artificial teeth which meet all the expectations of training centers so that their students experience the same sensations as when working with natural teeth.


3D ROOTS is the ideal product for root canal and dental restoration.

Our dental model have been designed from radiological imaging: They replicate anatomies of healthy pieces as well as multiple pathologies. The hardnesses and textures are similar to the real one in each area of the biomodel.

Our dental models looks like the real thing on x-ray and CBT images.

Our tooth replicas have been digitally engineered. They:

  1.  Replicate anatomies of healthy pieces as well as multiple pathologies.
  2. Feature realistic hardness and texture in each zone of the biomodel.
  3. Look like real teeth on X-ray and CBCT images.They are produced by means of advanced additive manufacturing.

Real example case

In this video, Dr. Magdalena Azabal Arroyo shows us the work process to develop a root canal with Digital Anatomics teeth.

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Characteristics that make
them unique

Our ranges


Anatomical teeth suitable for pre-clinical practice


All types of pathological teeth, such as calcified models, resorptions, furcal perforations, invaginated or open apices teeth


Deciduous teeth with different resorption levels.

General instructions
for users:

Acces cavity:
The use of handpiece mechanical instrument at 1000·rpm without torque limitation is recommended in wet conditions
The use of endodontic ultrasonic instruments are not recommended

Do not exceed 200ºC

After obturation, it is possible to take an X-ray inpsection using short exposure times and the lowest possible KVP value.
(*) Along the process, alcohol may be used on the outer surface of the dental model to improve visibility, alcohol can also replace NaClO as an irrigation solution.

Canal preparation:
Standard technique using lubricant.


Irrigation (*):
Standard technique, using NaOCl or IPA with MaxiProbe or side-vent needle.