Digital Anatomics, who we are.

Digital Anatomics, S.L. is a start-up constituted on March 11, 2020.

Its field is Biomedical Engineering: application of engineering principles to life sciences. It was born with the mission of improving people’s lives by putting engineering tools at the service of health professionals. Its vision is that of an organization recognized by professionals and patients who benefit from our capacity for innovation and our commitment to society

The fundamental technologies of our company are:

  • Generation of 3D anatomical images from 2D images with partially proprietary software
  • Computer assisted mechanical design
  • 3D printing

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"Knowing the internal anatomy of the root canal in 3D before starting the endodontic treatment and knowing if there is any associated pathology (resorptions, isthmus, increased number of canals, etc.) is a before and after in these treatments".
Dr. Magdalena Azabal
San Pablo CEU University
"Each case is unique and full of nuances. This aspect is crucial because the treatment must be adapted to each specific patient. A good biomodel, therefore, helps the surgeon in achieving the objective".
Doctor Santa Marta
Dr. David Santamarta Gómez
Neurosurgeon at the University Assistance Complex of León